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EMC Design Reviews

EMI/EMC problems are best addressed early in the design phase. The best time is before the electronics or mechanical packaging are committed to hardware, but after the conceptual design is completed.EMC design support can be provided throughout the project. This can also include support and witnessing at the EMC test Laboratory

EMC Analysis

To reduce risk, particularly with complex systems, a detailed EMI analysis may be needed. This is often a contractual requirement in Railway and military systems, particularly where diverse electronics are integrated into a system or platform

EMC Program Plans

EMC Control Plans, EMC Test Plans, etc. Government contractors sometimes find themselves short of the EMC expertise needed to support proposals, projects, and mandatory documentation

EMC Site Survey

The purpose of a site survey is to identify existing or potential EMI problems at a specific location. The problems may be RFI, power quality, magnetic fields, ESD, or even health hazards. Existing test standards are used as a guide where appropriate

CE Mark Certification

CE Marking is also known as CE mark. CE marking certification is mandatory to export products to Europe. With the CE marking on a product the manufacturer ensures that the product is in conformity with the essential requirements of the applicable EC directives. Depending on the level of risk of the product, the CE Mark is affixed to a product by the manufacturer or authorized representative after ensuring that the product meets all the CE mark requirements. We provide guidance right from identification of applicable EU directives, selection of CE certification module, arranging CE Mark testing services, preparation of CE Marking Technical file, till making of ‘EU Declaration of Conformity’ & issue of CE Certificate, we help you on every step

We provide end to end EMI-EMC solutions

  • EMC Design reviews and support
  • EMC Analysis
  • EMC Program Plans and EMC Site Surveys
  • EMC Consultancy Regulatory Compliance Management
  • End to end project management
  • EMC Management Control and Test Plans
  • EMC audits and procurement support
  • Approvals Documentation
  • EMC Risk Assessment (HAZID, HAZOP) and EMC Assurance
  • Spectrum Management studies and EM impact assessments
  • Technical Documentation preparation and Notified Body assessment
  • Preparation of Compliance reports

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About Us

We are experts with vast experience in EMI EMC design, testing and consulting

Well acknowledged for quick and proven methods to manage the EMC risk by defining upfront mitigation measures and bridging the gap between technical issues and engineering challenges

Group of experts in EMC – Expertized in Railways, Medical and Commercial products and experience in EMI-EMC at semiconductor level to Project level, we have experts working in the core EMC for several years

Our Experts are acknowledged members of registered society and well known for training sessions worldwide

Who Are We

EMC Experts – Solution provider for EMI/EMC challenges in Railways, Medical, Automotive and commercial products

Our Mission

To be the solution provider for Electromagnetic radiation Compatibility challenges

What We Do

We do consulting to make the world a better place of living .

Why choose us?

Flexible EMC solutions
Upfront EMC solutions taking best optimization of cost and quality
24x7 Live Support
Team of full time dedicated engineers working for EMC consultancy to electronic industries for EMC compliance ,design and testing advises /suggestions within the country to meet export norms
Experienced Professionals
Group of EMC experts with more than 15 years of core EMC expertise. All our engineers are vibrant members of recognized technical society.

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EMC For Functional Safety

The aim of EMC is to ensure the reliability and safety of all types of systems wherever they are used and exposed to electromagnetic environments. So EMC development is closely linked with the whole field of electrical and...

EMC Design

EMC Design

EMC Design Guide for Printed Circuit Boards- Automotive EMI-EMC 1. Introduction Due to the tremendous increase in the use of electronic devices, ensuring Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) of a full system in its early design phase is becoming one of the major...

Railway EMI EMC

Railway EMI EMC

EMC Requirements for Railway application The European standard EN 50121-x describes in detail the EMC requirements for railway applications. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of electrical and electronic systems is an essential requirement for the reliable and safe...


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