About Us

Croydon EMC Consulting

We are experts with vast experience in EMI EMC design, testing and consulting

Well acknowledged for quick and proven methods to manage the EMC risk by defining upfront mitigation measures and bridging the gap between technical issues and engineering challenges

Group of experts in EMC – Expertized in Railways, Medical and Commercial products and experience in EMI-EMC at semiconductor level to Project level, we have experts working in the core EMC for several years

Our Experts are acknowledged members of registered society and well known for training sessions worldwide


Who Are We

EMC Experts – Solution provider for EMI/EMC challenges in Railways, Medical, Automotive and commercial products

Our Mission

To be the solution provider for Electromagnetic radiation Compatibility challenges

What We Do

We do consulting to make the world a better place of living .

Why choose us?

Upfront EMC solutions taking best optimization of cost and quality

Team of full time dedicated engineers working for EMC consultancy to electronic industries for EMC compliance ,design and testing advises /suggestions within the country to meet export norms

Group of EMC experts with more than 15 years of core EMC expertise. All our engineers are vibrant members of  recognized technical society.

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It is a promise and commitment that, as we decide to work together, we will make you happy about the results